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iPhone 2.0?
buzzed, B&W
I had hoped to get the new iPhone today ($200 and an extra $15 a month are totally worth the faster speeds in my mind), but it sounds like there are all kinds of nightmares getting it activated. Since AT&T is requiring in-store activation, the original estimates were 15-20 minutes a customer, though I had seen some other posts suggesting 45 minutes each. Crazy when you have 100 people lined up waiting to get a phone.

I can't find the post, but somewhere I read that the real issue with activation is that Apple's servers are overloaded - not with people activating new phones, but people upgrading the software on their current iPhones. In fact, they're so slammed that it's bricking phones. I'm glad I'm not someone who syncs my phone regularly (for better or worse).

I was thinking though, if there are any migration tools, or if I'll have to reconfigure everything on my new phone.

It seems I will not be going to the Apple store at lunch today . . .

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