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Mandatory waist lines?
buzzed, B&W
Looks like the Japanese are taking obesity control to the extreme, and fining companies who's employees don't meet certain criteria. Apparently, for employees over 40, if your waist exceeds 33.5 or 35.5 inches for men and women respectively, your company will be fined. (I'd guess those numbers are actually 85 and 90 cm.)

More surprisingly, the average waistline for American men and women are 39 and 37 inches respectively. That's the average! That means for every guy that's got a 30" waist, there's a guy out there with a 48" waist - crazy!

I'm not sure why in the Japanese system women are allowed to be wider? Considering that women on the average tend to be shorter, 35.5 for women seems unusual.

On a semi-related note, healthy people actually end up costing health-care systems more than the obese or smokers. Amusingly, this is because the smokers and the obese die before the healthy.