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Packing vs. eating out
buzzed, B&W
I have lots of people tell me that they save money by packing their lunch, and I just don't get it. I've been packing, mainly so I can get to the gym. Now, granted, when I do pack, I eat a bit more than I would at one meal out, but cost wise, I don't see any savings. One reason I end up eating more is that I usually pack everything in duplicate, and have two smaller meals, rather than one big lunch.

When I pack, my lunch usually includes two sandwiches and two things of yogurt. This week, I'm mixing it up a bit and got some apples and bananas to go with it.
  • Loaf of 12 grain bread - $2.29

  • Pound of deli turkey - $7.27

  • Pound of deli roast beef - $8.18

  • Half a pound of deli swiss - $3.70

  • Sprouts - $1.29

  • 6 containers of yogurt - $3.60
The total thus far is $24.04. Averaged out over the three days I'll back, that's just over $8 for lunch, which is about what I'd spend if I went out to eat. This week, I've decided to get a little bit healthier, and bought some apples and bananas as well, which set me back another $5.44.

Admittedly, I do make some big sandwiches - probably 0.3 lbs of meat or so, and the rest will get eaten here and there.

So, are there any dollar savings for packing? If there are, it's pretty minimal, but it does allow me to eat healthier, and have smaller amounts throughout the day. Could I cut some corners and get the amount lower? I'm not sure . . .

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was hella gross :(

krafts ftw!

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