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Weddings? I love weddings! Drinks all around!

So, last weekend I was in Seattle for a wedding. It was a mini-Helena reunion, as it was Aaron's wedding, and Marcial, Joe, Greg, Mel, Bob, and I were in attendance (well, Joe and Bob were groomsmen) . . . was great to see everyone. 

Greg and I coordinated our travels, so we arrived into SeaTac, where the Justin-taxi came and picked us up. We headed into Seattle, and met up with Mel and Marcial for dinner. Then it was to Edmonds to catch the ferry. We hadn't planned this very well, and had to wait a while for the ferry. Pictures from while we awaited the ferry.

The ferry ride was very exciting, as evidenced by Greg's enthusiasm while watching this guy hang signs . . .

Anyway, after the exciting ferry voyage, we arrived at the Blue Water Inn in Kingston. Nothing to write home about, but it was cheap and a place to stay.


Guess what happened next? We went to a bar! Surprise! Well, actually, we went to several bars, and met up with Joe and Bob, but eventually there was karaoke . . . and lots of it . . .

IMG_0120 IMG_0109 IMG_0101

Saturday was the wedding, and pre-wedding rites involved re-visiting the scene of the crime from the evening before, as well as crepes!

IMG_0132 IMG_0134 IMG_0140

From there, it was on to the wedding . . . aren't they adorable?


After the wedding and reception, we headed back to Seattle to eventually make it to Neumos for the Clumsy Lovers. (Though not without some random moments . . . )


We rallied at Mel's apartment (where Marcial got camera-happy), before catching a bus and heading towards Neumos.

There was a bit of drama as we tried to grab some food before the show.  Someone mentioned somewhere along the line that they wanted sushi, which spread through the group, so we started to quest for sushi.  Mel spoke to some guys outside a bar/restaurant, that mentioned a place close to Neumos, while the iPhone/Google mentioned a place that was about a 4 block detour.  While here was some dissent about which advice to follow, I jokingly asked who we wanted to trust, which was answered with a resounding "IPHONE!" yell.  Google ended up being wrong, and there was no sushi joint where the phone suggested.  At this point, people were starting to get crabby (probably a mixture of hunger and fatigue from too much alcohol, not enough sleep, etc), and we eventually ended up at a place a block or two past Neumos.  The restaurant was an average Japanese/Chinese style place.  They did have some rolls, but no nigiri, which was a bit disappointing.  I ended up having an okay bento box with some chicken and beef teriyaki.

We then made it to Neumos, where we had a shot of Makers Mark, and rocked out to the Clumsy Lovers . . . Joe even got to get on stage and sing, as he happened to be the only one in the crowd who knew a verse to Dirty Deeds (a song I do not know . . . ).
IMG_0017 There are lots of pictures from that show, which I took using my phone since I was afraid of losing my camera again . . . though while there I wished I had brought my camera. The higher shutter speed, image stabilization, and other features would have been nice. The pictures were good enough though that the Clumsy Lovers have them on their myspace now.

I ended up going to bed around 3:30 AM, though from what I understand, others were up all night. Apparently, Joe and Bob decided it was a good idea to go get breakfast, and ended up calling around 6 to get Mel's address to give to a cabbie. Whoops.

Justin and I headed up of there around 8:30 to run the Henry Weinhard's St. Patrick's Day Dash. I wrote about this before - the part I omitted was that I did something weird to my left ankle, and haven't been able to run on it this week. Whoops again. The other part that I left off was the fact that Justin and I planned poorly, and were not able to meet up after the race. I ended up wandering around the post-race area for quite a while, unable to find Justin, and eventually started walking, looking for an internet cafe where I could check my email, hopefully find a phone number, and get reunited with people. I eventually found a little coffee shop, where they gave me a free half-hour of computer use with purchase. Fortunately, Mel had included her phone number in an email, and one of the girls working there let me borrow her phone. The message was then relayed to Justin, who came and picked me up. Summary of this? St. Patrick's Day Dash - 1 hour. Getting lost in Seattle with only $10 and my license - 3 hours.

Anyway, finally meet back up with Greg and Mel, who are at a little Irish bar near Mel's place, where we spend the rest of the afternoon drinking and eating.

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