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I need a helmet
buzzed, B&W
One thing that was driven home yesterday while at Northstar was my need for a helmet. As we get into spring, the snow is soft and/or icy, and while terrible for tree runs or hitting the steep stuff, it's good for park and working on riding switch. I've stayed out of the park because I don't have a helmet. (I'd like to say my current lack of health insurance is another reason, but I'm not that responsible . . . )

Anyway, I've been taking random jumps, and yesterday I had a great jump that I didn't quite land - came down regular, ended up spinning around to switch and thought I was going to save it, but end up biting it in the end and doing a Superman impersonation for a few feet. Anyway, luckily I didn't hit my head, but my right arm is pretty sore . . . not exactly sure how I tweaked it . . .

And here's to hoping that past years' trends continue and March is the snowiest month of the year!