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Weird internet . . .
buzzed, B&W
I'm staying at the Ramada Plaza LAX El Segundo, and while it's definitely an older property past it's glory days, they've got a weird internet set up.

While there's wireless in public areas, in the rooms they use a solution from Telkonet, which is a form of power line communication. I had to request a "modem" at the front desk (which I think is actually a bridge) that connects to an electrical outlet on one end, and has an ethernet cable on the other. Now, here's the problem with this solution: after you plug in the bridge, where the hell are you supposed to plug in your laptop? (I ended up having to move the small couch and unplugging a lamp . . . )

I am a bit curious as to how the costs work out that this solution would be more effective than installing wireless. So you don't have to run any cable, and can use existing infrastructure, but it seems to be a hassle to the end user, and you're locked into your vendor. It also means I can only have one machine connected at a time, whereas wireless would let me connect both my work and personal laptop . . .

This wired internet does make me wish I had small wireless access point like the Airport Express . . . though again, the deficiency of this solution is apparent as the outlet issue rears its ugly head . . .