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I <3 podcasts
buzzed, B&amp;W
While some people love their iPods since they can rock out to their music whenever they want and isolate themselves from the rest of the world, I use mine mainly to listen to podcasts while at the gym. Most of the podcasts I listen to tend to be NPR podcasts, and today I was listening to This American Life episode #322, Shouting Across the Divide, originally aired on 12/15/06.

Act one on this one is painful, where they talk about a young Muslim families struggles after 9/11. I think I'm turning into a softy as I approach 30, but this episode practically brought tears to my eyes, and I was whispering comments under my breath while I heard about the behavior of a 4th grade teacher to a Muslim student. I'll accept that our society contains bigots, racists, and plenty of ignorance, but a 4th grade teacher? In front of a classroom? The story gets worse when it's brought to light that part of a school district approved curriculum to commemorate 9/11 include a book that stated "Muslims hate Christians. Muslims hate Americans. Muslims believe that anyone who doesn't practice Islam is evil and that the Koran teaches war and hate."

Are you effing kidding me?

This is a school district, where we educate the future of our nation, and you're pushing a racist agenda? Of course, the story gets worse when the mother approaches the teacher and the principal, and nothing can be done, and the teacher thinks the best solution is to transfer the girl out of his/her class. *sighs*

Of note is that this story won a duPont award, which is basically the radio equivalent of the Pulitzer.