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Helena Update

I've been in Helena since Thursday afternoon. Quick updates:
  • Thursday - Picked up by Kelly and Sarah at the airport, followed by a trip out to Nick's place in Rimini for a wonderful Thanksgiving with old friends, new acquaintances, great food. Rolled back into town a stop at the Gold Bar.

  • Friday - Safeway run, breakfast at Lisa's, checked out the new Basecamp, parade and lighting of the firetower, and Miller's

  • Saturday - Breakfast at JB's, hiking up Mt. Helena, dinner at Bullman's, cocktails at the Silver Star, and ending the night at the Gold Bar

  • Sunday - Breakfast at No Sweat, hopped over to Firetower for a few hours, and looks like a trip to the Overland is in my near future to meet up with the other folks . . .

Overall, a quality trip. As has been said by others, it's been like a family reunion, with lots of shared stories, good times, and new memories being made . . .
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