hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Twitter Voyeurism

So, while I got on Twitter early (thanks to my brother) and got the username Ernie, I don't use it a whole lot. That being said, I'm intrigued by the Twitter tracking feature. I've got it set up that I'm tracking "reno" and have seen a couple interesting messages that intrigue me. There's always a few randoms, from people getting into town to gamble and stuff, but the two most interesting have probably been davidlaplante and bcrosby.

David I've read about before, as he's pretty active in town. He's a successful tech entrepreneur, but more interestingly, seems amazingly committed to improving the community, constantly promoting Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, Holland, and the Reno Bike Project. Plus, apparently his son is the boy in the new Radiohead Modest Mouse video. (edit: 10/13/07 @ 2:01 PM - corrected to the right band name).

Brian Crosby is an Elementary teacher integrating Web 2.0, 1:1 laptops and project/problem based learning in an "At Risk" school. How cool is that? Apparently he was on the same flight I was on Wednesday night as I got this twitter right as I was getting settled into my seat. I mean, I love the idea of tech in education, and this guy is obviously embracing it. 1:1 laptops? Skype with fifth graders? Not to mention since he's working with the "at risk" population, he's apparently up on poverty, having attended a Ruby Payne training.

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