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Environmentalism may be overrated
buzzed, B&W
So, while doing some volunteer web-development earlier today, I ended up stumbling on to this page. Basically someone sharing their ideas with the world. Yea for the internet enabling the masses!

The post that really caught my eyes was this one about Blackle, and referring to this great blog. From the post:
I don't mind admitting that I'm not a big fan of environmentalism. This confession is often met with shock and outrage - "don't you care about the planet? Think of your unborn grandchildren!", etc - but believe me, I have nothing against the environment, nor any desire to see it destroyed without good reason.

My hostility towards environmentalism in fact has nothing to do with its central tenet of protecting the environment - what I object to is the way that all logic, reason and any semblance of scientific rigour go out the window as soon as environmentalism is brought to the table.
I wholeheartedly agree. I tend to be pretty critical about "environmentalism" and I always impart a healthy dose of cynicism to everything. Nice analysis of how Blackle really isn't making a significant difference environmentally. That being said, there's obviously intrinsic value, and while it may not benefit the planet, the feel good impact of questionable activities might make them worthwhile.

I sort of feel this way about carbon credits, though I haven't researched that totally. Speaking of carbon credits, one of the papers recently ran an article/satire piece about carbon credits, and what else we might buy credits for, and it was even on NPR. Unfortunately, I failed while trying to find it. I think one example they talked about was buying adultery credits, so while you might ruin your own family by cheating on your spouse, you'd buy these credits to pay for someone else's relationship counseling, and thus have no net-impact upon society. Right . . .

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Blackle uses more power than Google

There's another aspect of this that bears mention. The company behind the hype for Blackle is Heap Media. No one seams to be mentioning the self interest they have in mind. Additionally, this thing doesn't save any power on an LCD monitor. In fact, Blackle uses more energy to power an LCD screen than does Google. My company pulled out a watt meter (http://cableorganizer.com/electricity-power-meter/) and we ran a simple test. Please click the link and then click on the video button to see the video.

I'm glad you are helping call this out.

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