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Looking away your valuables
buzzed, B&W
So, apparently lots of car radios have security codes that lock the radio when power is disconnected. I vaguely knew my car had this feature, but it wasn't an issue until I just had my battery replaced yesterday. I had cleaned out my glove compartment a while ago, and apparently removed the little card that had the code on it. Apparently, losing the code isn't uncommon. Fortunately, I found the code today when I was looking for an old credit card to turn one of those slotted bolts on a towel holder I was installing. I didn't really drive anywhere since I had the battery replaced, except from the Meineke (where I had my muffler replaced as well) to the house.

Anyway, why do manufacturers bother with the security code? This seems a little silly to me for a factory radio. I realize it's meant to serve as a deterrent, so that if the radio was stolen from the car, you would have to overcome another obstacle to get it to work. But really, how many factory radios are stolen?

Oh, and the code for mine happens to be 66454.