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I've got diarhea of the mouth tonight . . .
buzzed, B&W
So, I'm babbling tonight, mainly since I've had a lot of thoughts, and I want to write.

I met this girl today at one of the sites I volunteer at. She's half-Korean, and has had an interesting life apparently. She's grown up military, and is Air Force ROTC, and apparently was in NY recently as part of a reality show. Of course she's signed the standard confidentiality agreements, so I guess she wasn't even supposed to say where she disappeared to while she was there, and she won't say what she did or what the show was like while she was there. She interests me because she's had this experience (not to mention she is rather attractive), and also seems like she's intelligent. We had a few conversations today. I was a little surprised as to how she got on the show. (Apparently someone approached her at a dance club.) We also discussed a bit about ethnicity and backgrounds. (I had her do the quiz at www.alllooksame.com, and she mentioned how growing up she hated the fact that she was Korean, and not the standard white kid.)

Which brings up a question in my mind. Why do many minorities identify themselves as "Something-Americans?" i.e. African American, Asian American, etc. Why isn't it American-Korean? Like personally, I feel more American than Korean, and while I recognize and value my background, I also realize that my growing up in America has probably had more influence upon me than my ethnicity. So many other issues I could bring up but I don't think anyone wants to read them . . .