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Mistaken Identities
buzzed, B&W
I've got an email address that's my firstname.lastname@gmail.com. Apparently, people with the same name as mine think that they have this address as well. I know that I've had at account created on an investment website, some high schooler in Canada used my email for his tennis team mailings, and I recently received condolences about a family member dying. I also see occasional password reset emails going to my other email account.

This issue is probably a bit exacerbated by the fact that gMail ignores periods in names.

Why do people have the delusion that they created this email account when they never did?

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I have this same problem with my gmail account. I've been invited to soccer games, gotten family updates from my "aunt" and had someone who wasn't very happy with a friend try to be in touch with me. -KH

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