hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Morals and Ethics and Machiavelli

So, some of you probably know that I'm very acting within Destination Imagination (DI) a non-profit group that is similar to Odyssey of the Mind. DI is a creative problem solving program. I'm involved with the program both locally, but also at the DI, Inc level, assisting with many things. Most recently, it has come to light, that the recent election for the Board was flawed. The Board apparently decided not to count the votes from MO. Now, I probably could have let this slide, but it seems that some of the Board members knew the election results before this decision was made. And all the paper ballots were opened in house in the office, rather than through a third party. Just way too many things that make this election tainted.

I keep thinking I should do the right thing, that I should just walk away from the program, but I grew up in this program, and I honestly believe that my involvement in the program has helped me become the man I am today. When I volunteer for this organization, I do it knowing that I'm helping kids, hopefully encouraging them to grow, to realize that rules are meant to be broken, and limits are meant to be pushed. In fact, even as I write this now, my eyes are tearing up slightly, as I consider how much this program means to me.

The Machiavellian part of me says I should stick it out, even though the organization is morally flawed, that at the local level, the impact I have upon the future is huge. The part that really gets me though is this organization was formed four years ago, and one of the main reasons it split off from Odyssey of the Mind was because of how unresponsive and entrenched the leadership was. This seems to still be the case. The organization was founded upon the idea of a phoenix rising from the ashes, that Odyssey had become so stagnant and the leadership so entrenched, that a new program be formed. Hence DI was formed by the members, and it was supposed to be for the members . . . I am sorely disappointed that this hasn't proven true.

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