hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

The quest for wireless . . .

So, since Walden's doesn't have good wifi, I've been searching for a better solution. I'm at Bean Me Up, which happens to be on the northwest side of Reno (which is actually closer than than Walden's, and is debatably a walkable mile).

I was actually pleasantly surprised when I walked in. It's got a nice, open decor. I'm horrible with estimating room size, but I'd say it's probably a little less than 40 feet on each side. The center of the room is filled with two big chairs, and two smallish (two-person) couches around a coffee table. Around the perimeter are 6 smallish tables for two. If you're actually here with someone else, the tables are pretty intimate. With a laptop, it's about the perfect size (I'd guess the table tops are 30" x 24"). A long service area/counter lines the back of the space. The color scheme has burnt sienna on the walls, with a pastel yellow with a hint of green for accents, and a brownish ceiling. Hardwood laminate floors and industrial area rugs.

While the atmosphere is pretty conducive to hanging out, the wireless is somewhat atrocious. It appears to be provided by this local wireless ISP. I just did this speed test (using SanFran as the test), and got a whopping 188 kb/s down. About a whopping 3.5 times faster than dialup, and that's to a server that's probably a minimum number of hops away. Surprisingly, the upload is almost three times faster than the download at 466 kb/s. I did a few other bandwidth tests gave me results of 77.2, 92.5, and 243 kb/s (another SanFran server). There's two other laptop users in here, but I doubt the senior citizens behind me who are researching internet options, and the military guy listening to a girl read him the newspaper are using tons of bandwidth . . .

Anyway, I probably wouldn't have noticed, except I was trying to watch a youtube video, and it just kept buffering. Ah well, probably fast enough for me to do web work . . .

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