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Privacy Breach
buzzed, B&W
I just got a letter from IBM informing me of "an incident that has resulted in the loss of information relating to your IBM employment." (I did a co-op with IBM for about 7 months in 2000-2001.) The slightly silly part of the letter is "that the tape loss was inadvertent and not associated with theft or any other unlawful activity." In other words, some schmuck lost the data tapes. Cute.

Anyway, the letter is online - though I'm a bit confused that it's dated April 2007 online and I'm just receiving it. I would guess that it has something to do with the fact that since then I moved from Cincinnati, to Troy, OH, to Springfield, MO, back to Troy, OH, then to Helena, MT, before finally arriving here in Reno.

In any case, while IBM lost my personal information, it is nice that they tracked me down, and they're providing me with a free credit monitoring service if I choose.

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Damnit, I got this letter too. I'm not going to use the credit monitoring service.

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