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Barack In Reno
buzzed, B&W
So, at the end of April I went and saw Hilary while she was in town. This past Thursday, I went and saw Barack. Two very different presentations - Hilary did more of a town hall style presentation, with some Q & A, while Barack's was strictly a rally. This allowed Hilary to have slightly more in depth answers, while Barack just superficially touched on issues, trying to work the crowd for cheers.

Looking back, I thought Barack was a stronger speaker than Hilary. I think much of this has to do with the fact that he embodies the traits I relate to leadership, more so than Hilary. There have been plenty of studies looking at the different leadership styles of men and women. For me, I tend to expect leaders to be confident, assertive, take-charge kind of folks. I got a stronger vibe of this from Barack than Hilary. Though, when it comes time to vote, my decision will be based upon their civil liberty positions, more than anything else.

It's pretty neat living in Nevada right now, with Harry Reid having risen to even greater prominence when the Democrats became the majority, and having the second Democratic primary in the nation (drawing in the candidates for many events).