hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Online galleries

The free online photo galleries all have their limits. Flickr probably has the best feature set, but limits upload bytes/month, image size, and more importantly the total number of images in your account to 200. Photobucket limits you to 1 GB, doesn't have any of the neat features like tagging, and has a crappy web interface. Picasa has some nice features, but lacks tagging. The desktop client is okay, but as a power user, is a little annoying with it's non-standard dialog boxes. It's been said that strict interface guidelines are one reason Apple software is so user-friendly. Microsoft also has guidelines, but I can't seem to find them now . . . I'm really, really, why have a dialog box that say "Hide" rather than "Close" or "Cancel?"

Anyway, what I should do is get a server or some hosting to place my pictures online in a Gallery2 install, so I can have the fine grain control I desire.

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