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Desktop running
buzzed, B&W
So, I finally got my desktop running again (I needed a monitor as it was configured to use the wrong subnet). It's a Gentoo box, and I haven't had it running since I moved to Reno. Currently updating the portage tree, and then I'll do an update world on it (which will take quite a while). I wonder if I should update the kernel . . .

I know my todo list for the box will include updating Gallery, as well as setting up file sharing . . . but the update world is going to take quite a while . . .

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It would be faster to switch to ubuntu than to use portage. And gallery2 would be a simple apt-get command.

I thought about it . . . but I had already gotten rid of the monitor, and working with portage makes me learn a bit about what's under the hood . . .

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