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Went and saw Hillary speak this morning. Kind of interesting what having the second primary in the nation will do for your state.

Pretty standard answers, though I haven't been tracking the candidates closely enough to know their complete platforms. I didn't know her stance on immigration, nor do I know the details of any of the candidates' health care platforms. In reality, most of that kind of stuff is just icing on the cake for me. I'll vote for the candidate who's pro-choice and supports civil liberties. Greg and Steph and I were talking while waiting in line to get in, and I mentioned how I tend to be anti-smoking and pro-gun rights, as I don't think it's the role of the government to get involved. (That being said, I love the fact that places are smoke free now that Nevada has banned smoking in most public places.)

This whole debate on health care really irks me though. What do we as Americans really expect for health care? Justin once told me about how Jon Tester, who lost the three middle fingers on his left hand when he was a child, said something about how Americans should stop expecting heroic measures, that he's done just fine with only a thumb and a pinky. I believe he went so far as to say that one of the major reasons for the rising cost of health care in this country is because now a days, people would expect you to try and reattach those fingers.

This morning, Hilary mentioned how she wants to make it so that you can't be banned from insurance for pre-existing conditions, and that carriers have to insure you, and people cheered for her. Do people not understand the impact that this would have upon premiums? If insurance companies had to cover everyone, than the "healthy" people would be paying ridiculous amounts for people who have major medical issues.

I get the feeling that most of those people want their cake, and to eat it too. They want the standard of care that they've grown accustomed to while having decent private insurance, and they want this care no matter what. I'm reminded of when I was with the state of Montana, and hearing about Medicaid not making numbers, because there had been two million dollar babies in the first few months of the year.

With our pets, most people draw the line - they're not going to go into bankruptcy to give the family dog two more years of life, or get a second mortgage to give their cat 6 more months with a questionable quality of life. Yet, for some reason, when it comes to humans, we expect every possible option to be explored, and tend to say screw the cost. I just don't get it . . . I'd like to think that if I had a cancer with a 90% fatality rate, even w/ treatment, I'd be considering how to enjoy the highest quality of life before I die, rather than trying to search for a cure or extend my life in a near meaningless way.

Anyway, there's no easy answer for health care, and I think most Democrats are pretty unrealistic about the kind of changes that can be done on our system. We're not suddenly going to switch from privatized health care to universal health care in any meaningful way overnight . . .

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