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Stupid Bars
buzzed, B&W
So, from as far as I can tell, it seems that two of the bars I went to this past weekend are passing off something else as Red Bull. The Imperial Lounge is a newer place in town, and when I saw the bartender shooting from a gun, I was almost positive it wasn't Red Bull. (As far as I know, Red Bull isn't available as a syrup, which bothers some bars, while helping Red Bull solidfy their brand with their distinctive 8.3 oz cans). Of course, the fact that the drink was way too light and yellow was a bit of a clue too. My guess is that it was Sobe's energy drink, but I'm not sure.

Later that same night, we ended up at Silver Peak, and again, I ordered a vodka-Red Bull, and again, they're using a gun. This time the color looked right, and I couldn't really taste the difference, but I'm dubious. Probably Roaring Lion?

Why can't the bars call a spade a spade? Does passing off something else as Red Bull really bring in that much more revenue? Is the risk of a lawsuit worth not paying the premium for the market leader?