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Blackout . . . and I'm old
buzzed, B&W
So I was going to go to Fox and the Hound tonight, but this huge storm came up, so I just chilled at a friends, and then came home, where the power was out. Apparently it went out around 9:00 and just came back on about 20 minutes ago. In my boredom, I wandered upstairs, to see what was up, and met some of my neighbors who were chillin' out in the hallway. They're mostly 18 and 19, and they made me feel real old.

They started talking about music, and they all brought out their CD binders, and it was all mainstream pop, and they're getting all excited about the most mundane of CDs. Now, they did have some good ones, like the Verve Pipe, but they liked the Freshman, and not the rest of their stuff, and they were all into the trendy music, like Mudvayne, P.O.D., etc. I have nothing against popular music, but diversify a bit from what ClearChannel has spoon fed you. Maybe I'm sounding like one of those music snobs who's all like "I listen to stuff you've never heard of so that makes me cooler than you!" but their excitement over mass-produced music just didn't work for me . . . .


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