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Asian Stereotypes
buzzed, B&W
So, here in Reno we recently had an AmeriCorps training. The keynote speaker was addressing diversity, and had us participants complete an activity. She hung around the room several pieces of chart paper, with titles such as "40 year old obese male", "20 year old Muslim female", "20 year old black male", etc, and we walked around with Post-It notes and wrote stereotypes on them and affixed them to the chart paper. Amusingly for me, one of them was "30 year old Asian male." Granted, I'm a few years shy of 30, but still fun for me . . .

Of the 39 responses, 4 mentioned something along the lines of "computer geek", another 7 were "good at math", while 8 said smart, genius, or intelligent. 2 mentioned being private or quiet. The rest were as follows (my comments are in parantheses):

  • bad driver
  • boring

  • cheap

  • doctor, lawyer, dentist (my parents might wish this were true)

  • gambling - chain smoker (give me another 6 months in Reno, and I'll let you know . . . )

  • hard worker (I miss my 32 hour weeks in Montana . . . )

  • language barrier (I'm sure this was because the large Spanish speaking population . . . )

  • married or lives at home w/ parents

  • nerd

  • noodle head! (Steph swears she didn't write this one . . . )

  • old culture

  • only eat sushi (yummy!)

  • raised in monastery (Maybe this is why I'm asexual?)

  • sexist

  • sexy (All right, how come the girl who wrote this didn't find me and talk to me?!? Or maybe it was a guy . . . )

  • small (I'm going to assume they're referring to height . . . )

  • wise (I'm hoping to sit on top of the mountain this weekend and give out advice . . . and by sit I mean "strap a snowboard to my feet and ride on down")