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Oxford beginnings
buzzed, B&W
It's a bit strange to me how many Greek organizations have their headquarters in Oxford, Ohio, home of Miami University (which happens to be my brother's alma mater). Of course, my brother more closely identified with the now defunct Western College Program and it's School of Inderdiciplinary Studies than the College of Arts & Science or the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences that he was enrolled in.

While I knew Miami had a large Greek system, I didn't realize that:
Miami University is known around the Greek World for the Miami Triad, three fraternities founded in the 19th century that spread throughout the United States, and is called "Mother of Fraternities." These were Beta Theta Pi (1839), Sigma Chi (1855), and Phi Delta Theta (1848). The Delta Zeta sorority was also founded at Miami University in 1902 as was the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity in 1906. Alpha Delta Phi was the first fraternity to arrive on campus in 1833.

Anyway, I've heard Oxford mentioned twice in the last few days, first as some girl was studying for a fraternity initiation at the coffee shop where I was hanging out while I was getting some maintenance done on my vehicle, apparently she was studying to join the Alpha Delta Phi "society" that spun off from the fraternity, though I don't see a UNR chapter listed. The other place I heard Oxford mentioned lately was in relation to the scandal surrounding the DePauw chapter of the Delta Zeta sorority (an example of a sorority homogenizing itself - how shocking!)

Interesting attempt to look at both sides of the story, and concludes that the media has spun this . . . perhaps the sorority isn't in the wrong? Perhaps the most interesting point is that the members at DePauw had voted to close the chapter, before nationals kicked them out . . .

The sorority has some other articles on their main page . . .