hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Vagina isn't a dirty word . . .

So, three high school students decided to perform a piece (My Short Skirt) from the Vagina Monologues at a school open mic session. Apparently, school officials had asked them not to use the word "vagina" which is used at the very end of the piece, and the girls had agreed. In the end, when they were performing the piece, they said vagina and got suspended. I think it would have been interesting if the students had replaced "vagina" with "pussy" or other slang . . .

The school is claiming that the girls were suspended for "insubordination" since they had agreed not to use vagina, and then did. A former superintendent for that school district has written in with how he believes the school district is wrong.

At least the school postponed the suspension. The girls are skipping school anyway though to be on the Today show . . .

There's some community response as well as some video of the students . . .
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