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Powder day . .
buzzed, B&W
Northstar's been getting dumped on . . . 40" in the last 48 hours . . . here in town we're having a snow/thunderstorm of sort. We've got probably 6" in the last three hours, and there's even lightning.

So, I went snowboarding yesterday . . . it took two hours to get up there on the shuttle, and another two to get back down (I-80 west was closed while I headed home), but it was totally worth it. Best conditions I've ever snowboarded in . . . powder that was waist deep in places, and even the groomers had a good 6" or so of powder on them. It was snowing all day, so conditions were solid throughout the day. Lines were nearly non-existent because the weather kept a lot of people away . . . I almost called in sick today since I wanted to go again . . . still, with another 32" expected through tomorrow night, conditions should still be solid this weekend . . .