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I'm at the Mudhouse now, and there's no WiFi! I wonder if they just stopped offering it as it's not popular, or is it a summer thing? Springfield has cleared out a lot since SMS and Drury have let out. Very apparent last weekend when we were at the club. The club was pretty empty, but along with the emptiness, just looking around at the people, you could tell it was a different crowd. Many more "townies."

It's pretty interesting how empty the Mudhouse is now that it's summer time. I'm thinking this phonemon is more due to the weather than to the college exodus. It's just too nice of an evening for people to spend inside in a coffee shop, even if it is as cool as the Mudhouse.

So while I really like the mission of the Boys and Girls Club where I've been putting a lot of time in, I'm pretty surprised by the religous overtones. While I realize the B&GC has a religous pledge or oath that states the individual believes in God, I've been surprised by how religous the staff is at one unit. It makes me slightly uncomfortable as I don't feel that religon should be pushed on anyone, and I think some of these staff are going to push the religion a bit. Maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, I'll start Monday and find out then.

This weekend I'm going to Atlanta for my grandfather's 88th birthday, which should be interesting. It'll be a rather busy weekend I think, as I fly done Saturday, birthday party on Sunday, and then fly out Monday, back in Springfield by 10, and then I'll go to work at 11. Hopefully during my flights I'll be able to work on some lesson plans as I'm supposed to be doing computer stuff with the kids at the B&GC from 10 to 2:30 Monday - obviously I won't get to the B&GC till 11 or so, but I still need to have some material. I'm thinking the first week we'll just spend playing around with PowerPoint, and doing an easy "All about Me" type presentation.

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