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Muscle memory
buzzed, B&W
So, at work I inherited an IBM tablet. It's a pretty neat little machine (12" convertible tablet). On the other hand, IBM (and now Lenovo) use a slightly atypical keyboard layout. The two most noticeable things are the ESC key is in a row above the F-keys, and that the in the lower left hand corner, the keys from left to right are Fn, Ctrl, and Alt. While the lack of a Windows key is slightly annoying for those of us accustomed to using keyboard shortcuts for Explorer, find, run, etc, it's taken a bit of effort for me to re-teach myself where the keys are. On the other hand, there is a keyboard mapper that's let me assign the right Alt key to be a Win-key. (The Fn key isn't remappable as far as I can tell.)

Even as I sit here at home, it's interesting how I'm reaching for the wrong keys now . . . I had the same issue with the first laptop I had a work (an HP with a slightly different keyboard than the Dell 700m I have), but the IBM is even more radically different. I wonder if I'll always be screwing up between the two, or if I'll become adept at both . . .

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My bios has an option to swap fn and ctrl. Maybe yours does too.

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