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Weekend Shopping
buzzed, B&W
For some reason, I did a lot of miscellaneous shopping this weekend.

1) I had gift cards to Borders from my Discover rewards, and bought two cookbooks. I had a hard time deciding what to get with the gift cards, and the cookbooks were kind of a "I've-had-these-gift-cards-forever-and-I-just-spent-an-hour-at-the-store-and-I'm-not-going-home-empty-handed" type of deal . . .

2) Next I got some vitamins (which apparently I could have got for less than half if I had shopped online) and some Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap, mainly since I had used some of it when I visited my brother, and was pretty impressed. Now I just need to get a loofah, since apparently the growing season in Reno is too short to grow them . . .

3) I also stopped at the Apple store, and got a Nike + iPod Sport Kit. I got motivated after reading Nate's post about his, and realizing it was cheaper than I thought. Hopefully getting all this outdoor running gear (I bought some gloves a few weeks ago) will motivate me to get off the treadmill, and start running on some trails or something.

4) My last purchases this weekend were the result of a Best Buy gift card I got for Christmas. I was hoping they'd have some scales with body fat sensors, but no scales. Instead, I got the Decemberists' Picaresque and Quicken 2007 Basic. I mainly got this since I'm a data junkie, and I like to track things . . . we'll see if it's useful or not . . .

Best Buy - cd, scale, Quicken