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Soccer, Beckham, US? Whoa . . .

$250 million over 5 years to play soccer in the US?!? Wow. That's quite the gamble that the LA Galaxy is taking by signing David Beckham. I mean, arguably, he's past his prime (getting cut from both the English national team and not being a regular starter). Yes, he's a marquee player, and in Europe, signing him would bring in some major merchandising revenue, but we're talking about the United States. Soccer's grown in leaps and bounds over the last dozen years or so, but $50 million a year is what NFL, NBA, and MLB stars make . . . and MLS is no where near the revenue of any of those leagues.

While I don't think this is the best business decision that's ever been made, I'm excited to see a superstar player start playing in the US.
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