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A day early . . .
buzzed, B&W
A while ago, I asked everyone to contribute to my Johari window. The results were kind of interesting . . .

Unsurprisingly, of the 11 respondents, 7 of you said I was logical, and both independent and logical were strong showers as well. I was surprised at the number of you who thought I was dependable (4) and 5 of you thought I was complex.

Anyway, even though it's a day early, I'd open the floor for a virtual "Airing of Grievances" in the Festivus tradition. The same site that does the Johari window, has a "Nohari" window, where instead of positives, you stipulate someones weaknesses. Feel free to tell me what you think (you can even do it anonymously as long as you don't enter your name!) . . .

Air those grievances! (The Feats of Strength will occur in some future date . . . )