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(no subject)
buzzed, B&W
Wow, this is painful . . . are people really this bad at math?

This guy's patience is amazing, but it's sad to hear when he asks the manager "How would you write down half-a-cent?" and she responds "That would be 0.005, I think. I'm not a mathematician." She then proceeds to try to use the calculator as if it's going to provide a magical answer, and because the calculator says one number, that's the right number. Having taught high-school math, I realize that many students are over-reliant upon calculators, but still . . .

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People's brains are wired differently. Personally, I'm amazed when someone is fluent in multiple languages... to me that is very difficult.

Wow. He almost had her convinced when she started writing numbers down. Good post Ernie.

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