hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Provo Update

I've been in Provo this whole week for a training event. It's been a long week, and surprisingly, the Provo Marriott doesn't have free wireless. There's supposedly commerical wireless in the lobby and conference areas, and they have wired iBahn in the rooms - I didn't check the rates, but I'm still shocked by the number of hotels that don't offer what I think should be a common ammenity. Fortunately, they did have toothpaste for those of us who choose to fly without liquids, rather than dealing with plastic bags . . .

Apparently my lack of posting has led Nate to think I'm ignoring him . . . and really, who else would be supporting the "Magical Energy Elixer Incorported dot com" and have an IP address that's registered in SoCal? On a related note, I plan on being in the LA area for the last week of the year . . .
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