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Critical Mass
buzzed, B&W
So, while downtown this evening for the tree lighting ceremony, we saw this group of bikes go by. Lots of trendy kids (as mentioned by the Reno Rambler in the blog I found today), but it made me wonder what it was. A quick search online lead to the Reno Bike Project, and apparently they had an event earlier today, so it could have been from that.

Anyway, the group of bikers made me look up Critical Mass in Reno, and I end up looking at the pictures from the October event, and notice a conference bike. Kind of neat, but it reminded me of an article I had read in the Reno News and Review (our alternative press), and it's the same guy. Makes me want to check out the next Critical Mass event, just to see the bike . . .

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The conference bike is nothing compared to the buscycle (which made an appearance at barcamp Stanford this year).

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