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Slow operations . . .
buzzed, B&W
So, the company I'm with doesn't use Exchange like me previous employer. They run GroupWise. Now, I'm pretty fastidious about keeping history of my email. From my last job, I have every email sent and received in PST files. (Okay, not everyone, as I had a hard drive crash at work that resulted in me losing a year's worth of files. Silly me didn't store things on the network like I was supposed to.)

I'm trying to import these items into GroupWise archives, but it's taking quite a while. I've started on the first PST file, which is about 150 megs, and it's taken over a half hour, and it's still going. I've got two more 150 meg archives, and one 50 meg one . . . rough . . .

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Oh groupwise...I used to use groupwise when I worked for DHS in Oregon...

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