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buzzed, B&W
I just accepted a job in Reno.

It's a mixed blessing, as I'll definitely be leaving behind a great group of friends, a wonderful city, and a beautiful state.

On the other hand, it's probably good for me to do something new.

Time to start coming up with my to-do list before I leave . . .

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Congrats on the new job. So other than it being in Reno, what is it and what will you be doing?

Congratulations and good luck!


Reno sounds shitty. Don't do it. In a year, you'll be trolling for underage girls on facebook, enticing them to debase themselves with the promise of an iPod.

Just kidding.

Good luck with new job!

Reno is beautiful. Well, not Reno, but Lake Tahoe and Donner Lake and I've read some good things about Pyramind Lake but never been there.

And it's good to move every few years. You get to experience so many little differences in people and culture - it's so interesting.

And idobi is great radio.

idobi is not "great." idobi is my guilty pleasure . . . so much of the stuff on there is just pop-punk trash . . .

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