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buzzed, B&W
So, I got an offer for the position I interviewed for.

Let's go back a step . . . the interview was a bit strange in that I talked with two board members, and a representative of HealthInsight, which has apparently been contracted by the local coalitions to implement the VISTA project. I'd actually be a HealthInsight employee. Anyway, it wasn't much of an interview, more of an informal discussion. They asked me to describe my experience in VISTA, why I want the position, and what my long term goals were. As I tend to be brutally honest, when they asked about long term goals, I explained how I graduated as an engineer, didn't want to be an engineer, substitute taught, did VISTA, etc. and that I sort of saw myself floating through life. Probably not the answer they wanted to hear . . . Anyway, they couldn't really answer my questions, as they didn't really know much about the day to day operations.

Anyway, like I said, they made me an offer today. The position is basically a VISTA program director position, though they expect the position to supervise the VISTAs day to day. They don't have a Reno office, though they're expecting to have on in place by the time I'd start. In other words, the position requires some flexibility, and probably brings its fair share of challenges. On the other hand, it could be a pretty neat gig.

I did ask for a day to think about it, and in the process I've talked to a number of people already (Lisa, Steph, Greg) and I'm scheduled to have lunch with Mel, and maybe Christine, tomorrow.

Greg probably gave the best view, talking about what got him out of Helena, and how the move to Sidney was a big step for him. Greg and I had talked before about what's great about Helena - mainly that we have such a deep network of friends. That's the main reason I'd stay in Helena - sure it's a cheap place to live, I have a decent job that let's me play (and is only 32 hours a week!), but the options are somewhat limited being in Montana, and a small town.

Reno has a lot going for it - similar recreation options, easy access to snowboarding, and lots of other stuff.

Giving up the social network would be sort of huge though . . . I don't know . . . even with the change our social network has had, it's still really cool . . .

I'm definitely leaning towards Reno, but who knows . . . I'll probably give them a call around 2:00 or 3:00 tomorrow . . .

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Reno has a lot going for it

You must have been in a different Reno than the one I've visited on occasion. The worlds biggest little city seems so . . . rundown.

I've only spent a little time in the actual city. The downtown definitely is struggling in areas. It reminds me a bit of Cleveland, with some areas doing really well, and others that are pretty "rundown."

Note that the two main benefits I listed have to deal with the surrounding area, and access to Tahoe. *shrugs*

Still undecided . . .

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