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buzzed, B&W
So, on sort of a whim, I sent in a resume and cover letter for a position. I got a call today on my cell phone, that I missed since I was at work, but noticed I had missed it. I google the number, and see that it's where I applied, check the message, and figure I'll give them a call back at lunch or when I have a bit more time.

Ends up, they call my work phone a half-hour later. While it's nice that they want to talk to me bad enough to google for my contact number, it does scream of desperation. After they confirm that I'm the right Ernie Chang, they ask what my salary range is, even before arranging an interview. While I guess that makes sense, so they don't waste their time on a candidate who is way out of their budget, it's tough on the candidate.

Slightly more bizarre is the fact that I have an e-mail, with a 9:15 PM time-stamp in my inbox, with the subject "application" and from the HR director. It asks me to complete an application, but there's nothing attached to it.

They obviously want to fill this position ASAP, what with dedicated effort to contact me (apparently it took the HR person a half hour to find me), scheduling the phone interview for tomorrow, and the late e-mail. Strange.

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They sound unorganized.

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