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Social Butterfly
buzzed, B&W
I've mentioned that there's a part of me that's a social butterfly before. This seems to have become more and more apparent.

There's always a pretty large amount of ebb and flow of people I hang out with, partially since the VISTA crowd changes every 6 months. Not including actual members though, there's still lots of people who've either moved to town, or moved out of town: Andy, Chris, two Greg's, Emily, Jacen, Kara, Sarah, Mel, Kevin, soon Kelly, etc etc.

Various friends and I have joked about making diagrams to show how everyone is connected (i.e. friends, enemies, dating, hooked up, etc). More realistically, I envision most of my friends in clusters, with overlaps, in an arrangement that would suit itself well to a Venn Diagram. Another way that might make sense is the kind of social networks proposed in the Tipping Point.

There's the soccer people, the work folks, the bar folks, the couples, the in-between folks, the locals, etc etc . . . so many groups, that overlap and interact in such weird ways . . .

Christine told me the other day when we went to see Pirates that I should run for office, as I kept running into people I knew.

Recently, I've been struggling tracking folks - I keep having people say hi to me that I recognize their face, but that's it. No idea about names, where we met, anything about them, etc. It's bad, especially when they know my name.

I've told people I don't need to make any more friends, as I have a hard enough time nurturing the friendships I have now.

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You're just a straight up playa!

BTW, I chuckled when you said Venn Diagram.

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