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Random Linkage
buzzed, B&W
While in Atlanta, my brother mentioned that he's been drinking a lot of Vitamin Water, so I decided to check it out. Vitamin Water is flavored, and depending on the variety, contains many of the common substances found in energy drinks, e.g. B12, taurine, ginseng, caffeine, fructose, etc. While I knew that Vitamin Water had many of these substances, I didn't realize how high the levels were. It was surprising to see it mentioned in an article discussing the abuse of energy drinks by athletes. I've definitely had a bottle before playing soccer, but I don't think I had any more energy or anything. In fact, the game that I felt best at was one where I had a bottle of Naked Juice a half hour before the game.

As for scary court rulings, check out this one from Michigan:
In the case before the court, a driver was pulled over for erratic driving and admitted having smoked marijuana. However, a blood test did not reveal THC, the active ingredient in the drug. Rather, the test found traces of carboxy THC, a metabolite that can remain in the body for up to a month after smoking pot and is not considered evidence of impairment.
Apparently, the court ruled that the carboxy THC was enough to grant a DUI. Amazing. Smoke pot, get pulled over 3 weeks later for failure to signal, and get a DUI . . . crazy.