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Interesting Discussions

As always, the group of VISTAs who started in January, has some interesting characters. Stacy and I have had some interesting conversations.

A few weeks ago, she made the comment that I avoid physical contact and have somewhat of a reputation for asexuality because I'm afraid of letting others get too close, because I might get emotionally evolved and become vulnerable. While there's probably some truth to that, it's way too simplistic of an explanation, that overlooks other factors such as growing up in a family that doesn't really express emotions, personal desires, etc.

We had another chat Wednesday evening that ranged from intensity of true love (Can you ever match/surpass the intensity of true love?) to sex drive. Stacy's got this theory that if women climaxed more often, their sex drives would match that of males. Of course, key to this theory is her premise that women only climax a fourth of the time that men do (apparently she keeps score). While I'm sure there's some truth to the idea that if the act was more pleasurable, you'd want more, it again seems to be an oversimplification. When women express sexuality the way many men do, they get labeled as sluts. I truly believe men and women have equivalent sex drives, but society modulates what appropriate manifestations and expressions of sexuality are.

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