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Math for America
buzzed, B&W
Math for America looks pretty interesting. It's another NYC teaching program, but focused specifically on secondary math. It's also a five year commitment, though they do provide $18,000 a year (in addition to a teacher's salary), and a full tuition scholarship to a master's program at Columbia, NYU, or Bard.

They mention some Praxis scores, and that you'd have to take both the Mathematics Content and Mathematics Proofs and Reasoning Tests on the same date. I've only taken the Content test, and I can't seem to find my score report . . . hmm . . . Apparently you need a 143 for MfA, and 139 is the qualifying score for Ohio. I'm pretty sure my score would be high enough for MfA.

I do like the premise they have that "Newton Fellowship applicants must first and foremost be mathematically talented."

I guess I'll have to wait till late Fall to see if I should apply or not (or maybe I should just be content . . . )