hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Airport again . . .

Argh, no human being should have to be up this early. I have a 6:30 flight to Knoxville, so here I am, awake at 5:18 AM. This is my fourth time to the airport since I've been here in Springfield, and I know I'll be here again in June, and probably again in November and December. My friend Joshg asked last night if I was getting frequyent flier miles, and I had to tell him no. I wonder if it's worth enrolling in the programs. I flew American the last 3 times (twice to Albuquerque, and once to Boston) and this time it's Southwest to Knoxville. It's probably not worth it as I'm not flying enough to redeem miles, even though I've been travelling once a month or so.

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