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buzzed, B&W
Hmm . . . looking through my cousin Dennis' pictures from my grandfather's funeral weekend, I'm a little sad I didn't go. As an aside, while I'm not as big a devotee of flickr as my brother is, I find sites like Kodak's Photogallery and Snapfish infuriating for a number of reasons:

  • Do you really need me to login to look at some pictures?
  • Do you really think there's useful information to get by knowing which pictures I look at?
  • Why don't you let me direct link to images?

Bleh, anyway, I'm sad I didn't get to see my cousins, who I haven't seen in like 3 years (and I think longer than that for Tina and Anna), nor did I get to meet Calvin or Bernie. As Dennis said in an e-mail, "it will be nice but bittersweet to see everyone together again, but we can honor the man who is ultimately responsible for the chang gang's existence."