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Grad School?
buzzed, B&W
The NY Times has this interesting article about Harvard MBAs and whether the degree is worth it.  Most of the grads find the degree worth while, but there are some interesting quotes:

  • "The real value of an Ivy League business degree is arguably not the education itself, but the screening of intelligence, drive and past accomplishments that the schools do.  Just like with undergraduate degrees, if you're smart enough to get into a top-tier school, you're likely to inspire confidence."
  • "People tend to give you the benefit of the doubt that you're somewhat intelligent.  They assume that if H.B.S. has done the screening, they don't need to concern themselves with the intelligence screener."
  • "It's this big safety net; it's a credential that makes it easier to get
    a job later.  Maybe life shouldn't be that way, but it is what it is."
The quotations reminds me of an article from the Atlantic, Lost in the Meritocracy, which talks about how an Ivy League education is a "ticket to the ruling class."

Grad school (and an MBA) is still on my radar, but I'm also looking towards doing a joint degree after talking with a lot of folks in town who went to law school.  The sample size has been small, but diverse, including local law schools, as well as Stanford and Yale, with careers in public sector and the non-profit sector, which is where I see myself - I don't think I could become a corporate lawyer . . .