hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Three little links . . .

Can cellphones be used effectively in the classroom? The author proposes that with so many students having phones, the technology (text, camera, etc) can, and should be leveraged in the classroom. Definitely opportunity thinking as opposed to critical (or obstacle) thinking, and there are some interesting comments, mainly talking about how educators need to meet students where they are, rather than expecting things to be how they were when they were students.

Enhancing the Value of Public Education: Lessons from the Private Sector - I'm surprised I haven't seen more pieces like this one, that look at the lessons public schools can learn from private schools. Charter schools should be the epitome of this - subsidized but still able to implement innovative programs . . . the question becomes are these schools too entrenched in the same old, same old, or is there something fundamentally flawed?

Lastly, a piece about playing sports and civic engagement . . .

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