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Small World
buzzed, B&W
Jay posted a bulletin on mySpace that linked to his Race for the Cure time. I had no idea the guy was a runner - 18:33, and 22nd out of 6202. I got an e-mail from a classmate the other day, so in boredom, I was googling some of the names. I find Sarah Boerger there, with a time of 26:13. Not sure if it's the same Sarah I graduated with, but the age seems right.

On a related note, my Race for the Cure didn't go so well. I started off a bit quicker than I should have, and probably ended up walking a good third of it. I had a 32:06.5 according to the results page. My ankle wasn't very happy with me about the whole thing either.

Speaking of ankles, my ankle is still swollen from a few weeks ago when I blocked a shot playing soccer. I don't think all the walking I did while in Knoxville helped either . . .
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