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Thoughts from Knoxville
buzzed, B&W
Knoxville was a good time, though exhausting as usual. Of course, the people are what makes the experience worthwhile. Notable people:
  • Rocko - this guy has known me since I was like 14 or something, when I was competing and he was running weigh-in.
  • Sandy - Sandy's the mother of a girl I was good friends with in high school. We spent a good 10-15 minutes talking, and I learned that Katie's now married, living in Oklahoma, and owns a coffee shop.
  • Kathy - one of the craziest pin persons I know. Her and Heather C. gave me a pin book a few years ago, and she always tries to give me pins. Too bad that Heather C. couldn't make it out this year.
  • Heather G. - Okay, so I see Heather somewhat frequently as she's Montana's AD, and a personal friend (we still have to go canoing sometime!)
  • The Begun's - I don't know Erica super-well, but it's always a pleasure to talk with her. Frank and I had a good chat about separating the politics of what we do with DI from the part that we love.
  • Reggie - What a passionate woman. Hopefully I'll get to see her in the fall for an Alumni meeting
  • The Cross's - Paul and his kids; amazing to see how people get hooked on DI. They had a pin this year that was a liger - part of the mythical creatures set that was popular this year, as well as relating to their Napoleon Dynamite pin from last year (the liger was styled off the sketch in the movie)
  • The "alumni" crowd - I got re-elected to the Alumni Board, and elected as VP. This group is always interesting to hang out with, and chat with about what's going on
  • The UL teams - I love the University Level teams. So many alumni who are totally passionate about the program, and just interesting people.
  • Elisa and Kat - Elisa is going to MSU, and saw me at the state tournament and said hi to me as she recognized me, and while I recognized her, I couldn't place exactly who she was. That was all solved when I saw her with Kat, and remembered their team . . .
  • Chris - It always amazes me how much she puts into the program
  • Diana - fun to see her as a TM

Interesting conversation at about 3 in the morning last night, about how most DI folks aren't normal, and Globals is the one chance for them to really fit in. Comments along those lines are always made, but I don't really get them - most of the people I meet seem pretty normal - sure there's a few truly odd characters in the group, but in general, they seem like they'd fit in anywhere.

I was shocked by how many people were wearing Crocs - it seemed like every kid had them, and they really were doing all the things that were in the article I mentioned earlier: swapping straps, having multiple pairs so they could have different colors, wearing different colors on each foot, etc etc. Frank was wearing them, but he had been wearing them for two years or so, since they are apparently popular at his hospital . . .

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Mary didn't submit my name for Global this year :(.

I'll have to remind her for next year, now that I've got 2 years of regional CM and 1 year of affiliate HA under my belt, maybe I'll qualify.

Selection is weird - even if you get nominated, you're not guaranteed to be selected to be an official at Globals.

It's amazing how political the process is - I'm fortunate that I happened to meet a "connector" a few years ago, who knew everyone, and introduced me to some important people, which with a bit of networking has extended my network to include most of the movers and shakers.

It also doesn't hurt that my old structure webpage comes up as the pretty highly when people google for "balsa structure."

Oh,and the fact that I get nominated from Montana, which usually doesn't send any officials helps a lot too as they want a diverse pool of officials . . .

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