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Traveling to Knoxville
buzzed, B&W
I was a little stupid yesterday, and wasted my afternoon, when I had planned on at least making a run to Hastings to get the Less than Jake album, In With the Out Crowd.

I did manage to get digital versions and I've been listening to the new album on my mp3 player. Definitely a bit of a change in their sound. Only a handful o the tracks have horns, and rather than carrying the melody or providing a counter-melody, the horns tend to be harmonized or playing in unison.

This album continues the trend of the softening of their music - it's definitely not as hard hitting as in the past, and there's no way you could say that this album is punk-ish. Haven't really had a chance to listen to the lyrics (I slept or watched the movie most of my flights thus far). Overrated sticks out a bit though:

"I think sex is overrated. So is always getting wasted.
Designer drugs and dead and jobs and classic rock is so outdated.
I'm so sick of therapy and all the things it's done to me.
How can I be satisfied when everything is overrated"

As an aside, Glory Road, while not a terribly original movie, was't bad. Standard feel good sports movie, but entertaining.