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Hijacked - Part 2

I've been having a bit of back and forth with Yahoo's automated systems to verify who I am to try and get my account back. The latest one wants me to fax or send via snail mail:
  • Your name
  • An email address where we can contact you -- at this time we are only able to reply via email.
  • Copy of a state/government issued photo ID (please copy on the lightest setting of your copier).
  • Yahoo! ID
  • Permission for Yahoo! to enter your account
  • Birthdate on the account
  • ZIP code and country
  • Your alternate email address

What a pain - there's definitely a part of me that's thinking I may just drop it (especially since I'm not sure how I'd explain the Young/Ernie discrepancy), but then I won't be able to manage any of my Yahoo Groups accounts, access files, etc. I may have to create a second account, re-subscribe to the lists, and set the account for no e-mail delivery, while I continue to receive the e-mails on the other account. Bleh.

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